Returning Catholics

Catholics Come Home

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination in the United States, accounting for about 25 percent of the country’s population.

Welcome! When we think of family we may recall those times when we might have been separated by distance or by issues. The most joyous reunion we had was when we opened the door to our home or our hearts to the sound of, Welcome Home! God and the faith community of St. Joan of Arc joyously welcome you back home!

There may be many reasons why you have been away for a short period of time or for most of your adult life. It doesn’t matter. If you are like most people, being away makes you feel like something is missing in your life. We want this to be your home. You are missed when you are not here.

Please take another look and consider returning. What has kept you away? Perhaps one or more of these issues have played a role in that:

  • Marriage and remarriage issues
  • Mass does nothing for me
  • I just sort of drifted away/ too busy
  • Personality clash
  • Personal hurtful Issues
  • No place for me
  • Some difficult Church doctrines

Maybe your reason is different.
God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness are greater than any single issue. We are here to accompany you in your faith journey, so you can find true peace, happiness, and purpose in life.

We hope that others will also find more peace, real answers, and true happiness through the gift of faith. 

If you would like to connect with someone on staff with questions or wanting to learn more about the parish life of St. Joan of Arc, please contact Jan Marrah at 765.865.6684 or