e5 Men Petition List

The following petitions have been submitted for the month of August:

·         For all children and college students who will be returning to school in the coming weeks.

·         For the families of parishioners who are experiencing hardships due to death, illness, or other tragedies.

·         For Sister Mary Grace Richey as she prepares to make her final profession on Thursday, August 2.

·         That through the intercession of Saint Monica (whose feast day is the end of this month), those God is calling              to be part of His Church, they will respond generously to His invitation, and participate in RCIA.

·         For all parishioners to heed the baptismal call to evangelize, despite whatever costs or challenges they might                face.

·         For all of us as we continue reading the Bread of Life discourse this month at Sunday Mass, that we will                        intensify our Eucharistic lives.

·         For all those we have promised to pray for.


Please encourage other men to participate and for men and women of the parish to submit their anonymous petitions for the next fast in September.

SAINT JOAN LINK:            http://www.saintjoan.org/e5-men