e5 Men Petition List

The following petitions have been submitted for the month of December:

  • For all parishioners during this holy season of Advent, that our penance might be filled with expectant hope as we prepare for the coming of the Christ-child at Christmas.

  • That all parishioners will take advantage of the multiple opportunities for Confession during the Advent season, especially for anyone who may have been away from the Sacrament and the Church for a long time.

  • For our country, especially as we celebrate our patroness on December 8, that we might follow Our Lady's example so as to better follow her Son.

  • For all our Hispanic brothers and sisters, both those throughout the USA and abroad and those within our own community, that our upcoming celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe will nourish their faith and inspire all of us to greater holiness.

  • For all the pre-born and for an increase in the culture of life, especially through the intercession of the patroness of the unborn, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

  • For the less fortunate, especially those who suffer from the cold or who deal with depression and loneliness during the Christmas season, that we will recognize Christ in them and respond to their needs.

  • For our families, that the upcoming Christmas season will be a time of peace, joy, and growth, and that charity might reign in all of our dealings with one another despite whatever stress we each might be dealing with.

  • For all priests and religious who sacrifice every day for us, but especially for the great sacrifices they make during the Christmas season.

  • For the Church, and all of the Magisterium, those that have caused injury, as well as for those injured.

  • For those battling cancer and for their family members.

  • For all families who have lost loved ones or who have family members gone during the Christmas season, that God will comfort them in this moment of sorrow and difficulty.

  • For all those we have promised to pray for.

Please encourage other men to participate and for men and women of the parish to submit their anonymous petitions for the next fast in January.


SAINT JOAN LINK:            http://www.saintjoan.org/e5-men