Family Fun Frenzy Schedule and important info!

Make sure to check the schedule below for the Family Fun Frenzy! To play Archery Tag you must be 8 and older AND have attended the orientation at 1:40 at the foot of the stairs by the PE space. There will be 2 groups of tag - Dads and Kids (8+) from 2:00-2:50 and Moms and Kids (8+) from 3:00-3:50. Prior to playing waivers need to be signed.
Babysitting for children of any age is available from 1:30 - 4:00 pm.
The bike rally, pony rides and petting zoo will be from 2-4 out by the terrace.

In case of rain - lunch, archery tag and babysitting will still take place. However, the bike rally, petting zoo and pony rides will not take place.

Family fun frenzy schedule2.jpg
Family Fun Frenzy.jpg