Lots to choose from! New in FORMED

Lots of great resources have been added to FORMED.org for Lent and other books and movies! You won't want to miss out on growing in your faith this Lent or watching a great wholesome movie! Our parish code is PKN6CY. Let us know what you're watching, reading and listening to!

New as of 3/20/2017

 11 NEW MOVIES HAVE BEEN ADDEDHoly Week in Rome – A Journey with the Pope; The Passion of Bernadette; St. John Baptist de la Salle – Patron Saint of Teachers; Marriage – God’s Design for Life and Love; Gifts from God:  Confession – The Forgotten Sacrament; Gifts from God:  Keys of the Kingdom – Understanding the Papacy; This Side of Eden – Seeking God at Westminster Abbey; The Shroud of Turin – A Grave Injustice; The Shroud of Turin – The Silent Witnesses; The Shroud of Turin – Shroud of Turin; The Shroud of Turin – Shroud

8 NEW AUDIOS HAVE BEEN ADDEDThe Incredible Mind of G.K. Chesterton by Dale Ahlquist; Vatican II, Mercy, & You by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC; Three Days That Changed the World by Fr. Hector R.G. Perez; The Necessity of Divine Mercy by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC; The Restless Flame – A Novel about Saint Augustine (AUDIOBOOK) by Louis de Wohl; Be a Man!  Becoming the Man God Created You to Be (AUDIOBOOK) by Fr. Larry Richards; He Leadeth Me (AUDIOBOOK) by Fr. Walter J. Ciszek, SJ; Theology for Beginners (AUDIOBOOK) by Frank Sheed

10 NEW BOOKS HAVE BEEN ADDEDMission of the Messiah by Tim Gray; Understanding “Our Father” – Biblical Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer by Scott Hahn; Mystery of the Kingdom by Edward Sri; Faith Basic:  Understanding Catholic Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary by Tom Perna; 7 Secrets of Divine Mercy by Vinny Flynn; Faith Basic:  Death, Where is Your Sting—A Catholic Approach to Death by Regis J. Flaherty; Faith Basic:  Pocket Catholic Dictionary by Leon J. Suprenant, SJ; Faith Basic:  Sacramentals and Signs – Objects, Actions, and Words as Agents of Grace by Regis J. Flaherty; A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (Catholic Critical Edition); The Landscape with Dragons – The Battle for Your Child’s Mind by Michael D. O’Brien