Embrace Life Ministry


On the recent service commitments survey you may have noticed that the Pro-Life Ministry was renamed the “Embrace Life Ministry.”  Why this change?  First and foremost is that “pro” is merely a prefix which means “favoring” while “embrace” is an action verb meaning: “to accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically.” 

If you have had the privilege of hearing Fr. Arbuckle speak on the topics of abortion, euthanasia, etc., then you know he is exceedingly enthusiastic in his support of the culture of life!  We feel that our ministry needs to exhibit that same dynamic personality, so we began with a simple name change.

But the changes don’t stop there!  Our ministry should be visible – not just something you see in action once a year during Celebration of Life weekend.  Have you stopped by our bulletin board near the kiosk to look at the educational posters and/or take home any of the literature?  And be sure to be on the look-out for something new in the way of a public witness for life in April – it should have a real impact on both parishioners and passers-by.

Our ministry should be in sync with the liturgical year.  For instance, we have decided to kick off this year’s Spiritual Adoption Campaign (no, you didn’t miss it!) in conjunction with the Feast of the Annunciation.  Ordinarily on March 25, it will instead be celebrated on April 4 because Good Friday falls on March 25 this year.  Spiritual adoptions will take place the following weekend – April 9 & 10.  We will then celebrate the birth of our spiritually adopted babies at Christmas when we celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior!

Our ministry should touch on the full gamut of life issues – embryonic stem cell research, end of life issues, etc.  We have more work to do in that area, and we welcome your good ideas!

Our ministry should continue to honor what is beautiful about life, such as our mothers and fathers – both biological and spiritual!  To that end, we will again hold “Bouquets for Babies” on Mother’s Day weekend.  Please plan to buy some flowers to honor the wonderful women in your life who mean so much.  We also have ideas for honoring the amazing men of our parish, but we need more brainpower and manpower to make that idea a reality.

Which brings me to our final Embrace Life Ministry goal:  Our ministry should grow!   I know that many of you already have family activities and other ministries to which you are devoted, but we need your help.  Although this invitation is on behalf of our ministry, it is actually on behalf of the marginalized and vulnerable members of our society who have no voice.  Please help us embrace those lives as well!  For more information on the Embrace Life Ministry, please contact Cindy McClure at camlisieux@gmail.com.  Blessings!