Spiritual Bouquet for RCIA Elect & Candidates

On Holy Saturday, the elect and candidates who have been preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation will be fully united with us.  We would like to offer them a spiritual bouquet from our parish on this momentous occasion.  The number of prayers will be totaled and the spiritual bouquet will be placed in their gift baskets at the reception following the Vigil.  Please join us as we welcome our new brothers and sisters in Christ.  The deadline is Friday, March 25th.


 The Elect (unbaptized):  Christina Cohon, Eric Cohon, Juliana Cohon, Aleena Dang, Joana Angeline Doan, Brandon Eisele, Tina Nguyen, Kody Phan, + 1 undisclosed name

The Candidates (those already baptized):  James Beckwith, Abigail Fouts, Ayla Fouts, Noah Fouts, Brian Mummert, Joshua Trotti, + 1 undisclosed name