FORMED...What's New?

These CD's, Books, movies and many more…


5 NEW MOVIES (now “To Watch”) HAVE BEEN ADDEDFaith of Our Fathers—In Search for the English Martyrs; Hostia—The Power & Presence of the Eucharist; The Year of Two Popes—The Election of Benedict XVI; Saint Anthony—The Miracle Worker of Padua; Padre Pio—Between Heaven and Earth

7 NEW AUDIOS (now “To Listen”) HAVE BEEN ADDEDThat They May All Be One by Matt Maher; We Must Go Out by Fr. Michael Schmitz; Pure Fatherhood by Devin Schadt; Contemporary Sainthood by Mark Hart; The Trials of Saint Patrick (RADIO THEATER); Brother Francis The Barefoot Saint (RADIO THEATER); The Shadow of the Bear (AUDIOBOOK)

9 NEW BOOKS (now “To Read”) HAVE BEEN ADDEDEverything You Ever Wanted to Know about Heaven but Never Dreamed of Asking by Peter Kreeft; Four Witnesses—The Early Church in Her Own Words; Behold the Man—A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality by Deacon Harold Burke-Silvers; The Last Crusader—A Novel about Don Juan of Austria by Louis de Wohl; Great Expectations—Ignatius Critical Edition by Charles Dickens; CHILDREN’s BOOKS:  Crossbows & Crucifixes by Henry Garnett; I’m Bernadette! by Emily Ortega; Christmas with Bernadette by Emily Ortega, Victor and the Fix-it Challenge by Emily Ortega

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