Our parish just got “FORMED”—so now what do I do?

1.       Go to any device you like (tablet, smart phone, computer, etc.)

2.       Take the code that we gave you at Mass.

·         It’s on the poster at the “Parish Corner”

·         It’s on the business cards also at the “Parish Corner”

·         You can even call the parish office to ask for it, if you need.

3.       Go to the website:

4.       Scroll down to where it says, “Does your parish already have FORMED?”

5.       Enter our code and hit submit.

6.       Enter the information to create your account.  You’ll use this information to log on for future sessions from all of your devices (no need for separate accounts).

7.       You’re ready to go!

If you need assistance, check out this step-by-step guide to FORMED.

For technical support, click on “ParishCare” underneath “My Account”.

For all parish-level questions, contact Chad Grube at or call (765) 626-7005.

What’s FORMED?

This weekend (January 30/31), our parish is rolling out a great gift that we’ve purchased for all of our parishioners.  It’s an online platform called FORMED.  Edward Sri, who is again speaking at this year’s HFCC, has attempted to compile some of the best Catholic resources in one place—including programs like the Catholicism series by Bishop Barron, full-length movies like Padre Pio—Miracle Man, an array of wonderful CDs from Lighthouse Catholic Media, and ebooks like Scott & Kimberly Hahn’s Rome Sweet Home.  Through these resources, you’ll encounter great speakers like Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Edward Sri, Dr. Mary Healy, Chris Stefanick, Dr. Scott Hahn, Bishop Robert Barron, Jason Everett, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, and so many more.  This is truly meant to be your one stop for all things solidly Catholic for the whole family!

With this resource, you have the Catholic faith at your fingertips, whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.  Whether you want to go back and refresh yourself on the basics of the faith, delve deeply in some more advanced topics, or just enjoy some wholesome entertainment, there is something available for you.  This resource won’t replace the things we already offer at the parish, but they should be a great tool for personal formation and for small groups to gather together to grow in their faith and to support one another.

This amazing resource is only in its infancy, and new resources are constantly being added.  In future bulletins, we will highlight the resources that are available and suggest ways that you can integrate FORMED into your life—whether it’s following up on a homily, hearing adult presentations about topics your children are studying at our school or in SRE, using the ebooks for your spiritual reading and prayer, or simply establishing relationships with other parishioners who wish to become intentional disciples.

We’re committed to putting the best tools available in our parishioners’ hands; it is now left up to you to use those resources to follow Christ more closely and to seek to be truly FORMED.