The Good, the True & the Beautiful: Being Unabashedly Catholic in Today's World

Friday, August 21 @ St. Patrick starting at 6pm in the Church

“Youthful” adult talks for married and single adults with guest speaker Fr. Joseph Aytona.

6:00PM: Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament
6:10PM: Talk 1: Miracles, Moving Mountains and Me: Having Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed
6:30PM: Confessions
6:30PM: The Holy Rosary
6:55PM: Benediction
7:00PM: “Youthful” Adult Talks for Married and Single People in the Parish Hall
                1) Angelic Warfare; Put on the Armor of God! 
2) Providing, Protecting, and Piloting: The Blessing of living with Two Perfect People
8:00PM: Pizza at Oscar’son 515 N. Buckeye ( just two blocks from St. Patrick).
8:15PM: “Stump a Priest”: Questions and Answers about the Catholic Faith

 For more information contact Kelli at 454-7179.