e5 Men Petition List

The following petitions have been submitted for the month of May:

·         For all parishioners, that we might continue to reflect upon the Easter mysteries we have just celebrated and                bear an even greater witness to the Resurrected Christ.

·         For an increased devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the model of true femininity, especially in this month                    dedicated to her honor.

·          For all mothers, aunts, godmothers, grandmothers, etc. as we celebrate Mother's Day in a couple of weeks. That             God may bless them abundantly for the gift of life (whether biological or spiritual) that they have given to us.

·         For all the 2nd graders from SJA & SP who are preparing to make their First Communion this Saturday/Sunday.

·         For a parishioner who asks:  "Please pray for wisdom in bringing up our children in the faith. Pray that I can                  figure out rhythms and routines to make our home a safe refuge."

·         For each of us and our family members, our wives, parents, brothers, sisters, and children. May each of us                    continue on a path, drawing closer to God. May each of us joyfully participate to further His Kingdom.

·         For Fr. Arbuckle, Fr. Dudzinski, and all of our priests.

·         For all those who have died in the last month, that as they were united with Christ in their deaths, they may be            united with Him in His Resurrection.

·         For all those we have promised to pray for, especially those whose names have been submitted by e5 men and                women, who are especially in need of prayer.

Please encourage other men to participate and for men and women of the parish to submit their anonymous petitions for the next fast in June.

SAINT PATRICK LINK:      http://www.stpatrick-kokomo.org/e5-petitions

SAINT JOAN LINK:            http://www.saintjoan.org/e5-men