e5 Men Petition List

The following petitions have been submitted for the month of February:

  • For all parishioners, that we will embrace the upcoming season of Lent to deepen our love for Christ and His Church.
  • For all those in RCIA who will be taking their final step (before the Sacraments at the Easter Vigil) as they go to Lafayette to have the Bishop officially invite them to be baptized, confirmed, and receive their First Communion.
  • For all married couples, that as we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day later this month, their authentic love for will grow through the sacrifices that they make for each other.
  • For our parents. For their spiritual and physical health.
  • For our children, may they always seek to draw closer to God.
  • For the success of our upcoming Holy Family Catholic Conference later this month.
  • For all those we have promised to pray for.

Please encourage other men to participate and for men and women of the parish to submit their anonymous petitions for the next fast in March.

SAINT PATRICK LINK:      http://www.stpatrick-kokomo.org/e5-petitions

SAINT JOAN LINK:            http://www.saintjoan.org/e5-men