e5 Men Petition List

The following petitions have been submitted for the month of July:

·         For our country, as we celebrate our independence, that we will strive to promote life and true Christian liberty.

·         For all those who struggle with the virtue of chastity, that the example of St. Maria Goretti (whose feast we                    celebrate later this week) will encourage them in their struggle.

·         For all the children of the parish, that they might have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation in which to grow              spiritually, emotionally, etc. and to nourish their bonds with their families.

·         For the poor, the homeless, and all those adversely affected by the extreme heat.

·         For all those we have promised to pray for.

Please encourage other men to participate and for men and women of the parish to submit their anonymous petitions for the next fast in August.

SAINT JOAN LINK:            http://www.saintjoan.org/e5-men